The vagaries of modern life, processed food, alcohol …
are elements that accelerate weight gain.

To feel good about yourself and your jeans,
No need to go on a drastic diet,
To deprive yourself of good things that you love.

I support you in the fitness process,
I help you resume good eating habits.

FAAS-SPORT solutions

Weight loss of between 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week.

Other diets, such as high protein or too low calorie,
Promote greater and faster weight loss,
But expose to more weight gain once the program is over.

FAAS-SPORT solutions prioritize a rebalancing of food
with fitness programs by standard morphology, for a lasting result.


  • No frustration: gradually integrate joker meals
  • A logbook to view your progress
  • The possibility to choose between several programs
  • Food rebalancing + Sport = Silhouette